After the holidays, it’s time to treat cellulite starting from its analysis

    Holidays are now ending and, despite being a period in which we often move between walks and swims, we know that less attention is paid to anti-cellulite treatments than the rest of the year.

    September, however, is the ideal month to get back in shape: indeed, after the holidays, the daily routine between home – commitments – work – gym and food is started again while it would be good to bring back healthy food, nutrients rich and poor in salt, helping the body to purify itself and recover from summer excesses.

    It often happens to feel bad mood upon returning from vacation, especially when you look in the mirror with a more critical and aware eye and find yourself with the much-hated cellulite, perhaps even in a worse condition than before departure.

    This is completely normal since, we often allow ourselves many more excesses during the summer holidays, especially with food (foods richer in fat and salt) and alcohol; the important thing, however, is to start from a certain idea of ​​what we need to get back into shape.

    From this point of view, we can count on contact thermography: an analysis that allows us to know the exact condition of cellulite in order to understand which treatment is best suited to our body. This methodology, entrusted to professionals such as aesthetic doctors, nutritionists and beauticians, allows you to identify the condition of the imperfection and classify cellulite in one of its stages (absent – edematous – fibrous – sclerotic).

    It is an analysis that is totally free of contraindications, easy, fast and non-invasive based on the use of liquid crystal thermographic plates which, once placed on the skin of the area to be analyzed, allow to reproduce (through high resolution color images) the condition of the underlying tissues.

    In this way, the professional can decide the best treatments and the dietary regime to be applied in our case.

    However, thermography is also useful for checking the progress of the treatment: indeed, it may happen that a treatment may be less effective than expected depending on the treated area. Through the thermographic analysis, it is possible to see in real time the effectiveness of the selected treatment, allowing us to switch it in the event of progress below expectations.

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