5 solutions to fight abdominal fat

    Abdominal adiposity is an aesthetic and functional problem, which affects a good portion of the population, be they, men or women, regardless of their age.

    The formation of abdominal adiposity is influenced by a multiplicity of factors that concur with each other to give rise to the disorder. In detail, localized fat varies according to sex, age, body fat percentage, genes, and the amount of physical activity practiced, as well as a greater sensitivity towards some hormones.

    The cause of excessive adipose accumulation can be found in an abuse of carbohydrates, animal fats, junk food, and alcohol, but also in drastic weight loss diets or excess stress, resulting in an increase in cortisol levels which breaks down lean muscle mass. promoting the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. Among other causes we also find an excessive aerobic activity that increases the production of adrenal hormones, contributing to the formation of fat on the belly.


    Here are 5 solutions to fight against abdominal fat:

    1) Follow a balanced diet based on the consumption of fiber, vegetables, and seasonal fruit.

    2) Carry out regular physical activity, followed by an experienced personal trainer.

    3) Carry out draining massages in areas with localized adiposity.

    4) Eliminate alcohol and smoking.

    5) Contact specialized professional beauty centers to evaluate, together with the beautician or aesthetic doctor, the best treatment for our condition.

    In addition, several dietary rules should always be taken into consideration to promote weight loss and to live better in full respect of your body. Remember, for example, to limit the consumption of sugary and carbonated drinks, saturated fats, and trans fatty acids.

    Given that the best weapon is always prevention, given the seriousness of the problem and its possible implications in the onset of any pathologies, it is necessary to implement targeted and decisive solutions.

    In all cases, we always start from an analysis of the localized adiposity through the use of contact thermography, a special technology, based on the use of microencapsulated liquid crystal plates, which allows us to identify the subcutaneous fat layers by showing them through high-resolution color images: in this way it is possible to distinguish soft adiposity from hardened adiposity to set the most correct treatment.

    As this is a non-invasive examination and free of contraindications, it can be performed by anyone and it is possible to carry it out several times over time to view all the progress of the treatment.

    You can perform a thermographic analysis in the best beauty or medical beauty centers, nutritional studios, and gyms.

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