3 do-it-yourself remedies to reduce cellulite at home

    Cellulite is an inflammatory process characterized by three well-defined phases and increasing severity; we have, in fact:

    • edematous cellulite (or first stage) characterized by the first swelling but with skin still soft and elastic. At this stage it is still possible to intervene with do-it-yourself anti-cellulite treatments, mainly based on the use of cosmetic products.
    • fibrous cellulite (or second stage) characterized by larger fat cells that form nodules and capillary dilation. In this stage, the deposits become chronic and tend to inflame leading to a hardening of the tissues and a loss of elasticity. From this stage, it is best to go to a beauty center for targeted treatments.
    • sclerotic cellulite (or third stage) characterized by increasingly large nodules, hard tissues and evident depressions. There is also often pain to touch. At this stage, it is advisable to go to a beauty center or medical aesthetic center for shock treatments.

    Each anti-cellulite treatment must always be accompanied by a change in eating habits and lifestyle, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the chosen therapeutic approach.

    Today we see what are the best “do-it-yourself” treatments to apply in case of absent cellulite (therefore from a preventive point of view) or first stage cellulite (edematous).

    In order to establish the stage of cellulite, it is essential to carry out a targeted analysis that can give us a certain indication of the situation of the underlying tissues, especially in the very early stages when it may happen that cellulite is already present but not yet detectable by sight or palpation.

    The best method for analyzing cellulite is contact thermography, a technology based on the use of liquid crystal thermographic plates which, once placed on the area to be analyzed, accurately reflect the situation of the patients through high-resolution color images underlying tissues, thus allowing to classify the condition.

    Contact thermography is a non-invasive, repeatable and free of any type of contraindication analysis: all elements that make it perfect for tracking the progress of each treatment, periodically monitoring its evolution.

    As for the treatments, however, the most suitable is undoubtedly the anti-cellulite gel, a product that promotes the drainage of excess fluids, making the capillaries stronger thanks to the active ingredients it contains. If it is then combined with a draining massage, the effect is brought to the highest levels.

    Another cosmetic treatment that we can do at home concerns the application of hot or cold muds that must be left on for at least 30 minutes and allow both to drain and to promote the expulsion of toxins.

    A third treatment (which can be complementary to one of those listed above) are the anti-cellulite leggings: a practical fashionable garment based on microencapsulation technology or small capsules which, in contact with the skin, release active ingredients that go to revitalize the tissues by reactivating the microcirculation in maximum comfort.

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